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Chinese New Year 2-FaChai Slot-Bigwin29 Casino

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Chinese New Year 2 Slot Game

Chinese New Year 2 -Jili Slot- How to Win-Bigwin29 Casino

According to Chinese slot game folklore, during the Spring Festival, a menacing creature known as the Nian Beast emerged in winter, notorious for breaking into homes and devouring people at midnight. To ward off this beast, individuals ignited bonfires and set off firecrackers near their doors. Triggering a free game occurs when firecracker symbols align across all five reels!

Repetitively triggering free games is possible, granting players the chance to earn up to 100 free games. In Fachai Slot game, players can potentially attain a staggering 16800X multiplier during these free games.

Chinese New Year 2 - How to Play and Win

How to Play Chinese New Year 2 Slot Game

Chinese New Year 2-Jili Slot- How to Play-Bigwin29

1. Trigger the free game by landing Scatters across all five reels.

2. Diverse multipliers correspond to different quantities, starting at a minimum of 3 and reaching a maximum of 72 for over five appearances.

3. During the free game, obtaining symbols on five or more reels awards the player an additional 13 free games.

4. Acquire multiple sets of free games, totaling up to 100 games.

5. Upon triggering the free game again, the multiplier will remain consistent with the initial trigger.

Chinese New Year 2 Slot Payline-Bigwin29 Casino
Chinese New Year 2 Slot Pay Line

How to Win Chinese New Year 2 Slot Game

Chinese New Year 2-Jili Slot- How to Play-Bigwin29

1.Beginning with an 18php bet provides a fair opportunity for quick earnings within the game. 2.Following a prolonged spin without winnings, anticipate the prospect of significantly higher payouts ahead.

3.A trusted game that you can rely even if you experienced some frustrations towards the other games.

4.Consider allocating a larger budget for this game, as it belongs to the most lucrative FC slot.

5.Should you feel that you've earned an average amount, it's advisable to halt gameplay and initiate an immediate withdrawal.

6.Additionally, consider switching bets if the initially suggested wager isn't proving effective.

*These instructions are based on our experience, and they may not guarantee a win every time you play. Please gamble responsibly.

Chinese New Year 2 Free 100 Bonus

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Chinese New Year 2 Free 100-Jili Slot-Bigwin29
Chinese New Year 2 Free 100

Chinese New Year 2 FaChai Slot Game on Bigwin29

Chinese New Year 2 Jili Slot Bigwin29 Casino Gcash Philippines

Bigwin29 holds a full license from the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), guaranteeing a secure and well-regulated gaming setting. We've meticulously crafted our platform with user-friendliness as a priority, providing effortless navigation and a smooth gaming experience that extends to both desktop and mobile devices.

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